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This year's winter-spring academic readings are important for the development of thought in relation to globalism, terrorism, the image(s) of Muslims, and the position of women in culture and religion.

Talking with fellow students at the Institute de Etudes Politiques de Paris in Menton, France, Dana Jabri provides first-person accounts of the reactions to the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

The Sultan’s Shadow – Christiane Bird Christiane Bird paints a stunning portrait of violent family feuds, international intrigues, and charismatic characters—from Sultan Said and Princess Salme to the wildly wealthy slave trader Tippu Tip and the indefatigable British antislavery crusader Dr. David Livingstone. The Sultan’s Shadow is a brilliantly researched and irresistibly readable foray into […]

In recent years I have been a faithful participant in two major events of the North American Muslim calendar. As a regular attendee at these annual gatherings, I wish to express my warmest thanks to the institutions, and to the women and men who made them the success they undoubtedly were. This year, however, I […]

Men in Islam (Hurst Publications) ed. by Ziauddin Sardar Growing Up Muslim – ed. by Andrew Garrod In Growing Up Muslim, Andrew Garrod and Robert Kilkenny present fourteen personal essays by college students of the Muslim faith who are themselves immigrants or are the children of immigrants to the United States. In their essays, the […]

For Spring, this reading list is composed of thinkers interested in Islamic intellectualism. Hopefully, these books provoke thoughts that lead to the continuous effort of critical engagement of both historical and contemporary figures in today's time.

This year's reading list to start off the new year engaged.

The newest addition to the Dr. McCloud's post-Ramadan reflection blogs on the realities of Islam in America.

This section is dedicated to academic readings for the Summer and coming Fall, 2013.